PExA 2.0

PExA 2.0 has been developed on the basis of the instrument developed at the Sahlgrenska Academy in nine specimens (PExA 1.0) and information from users who have worked with them.

The new design provides simplified and non-invasive collection of particles in exhaled air. The particles exhaled into the instrument are counted, sorted and collected on a substrate that can easily be removed. The sample can be analysed by conventional techniques such as ELISA, MS, LC and HPLC.

The newly developed software guides the user through the sampling, and records and presents breathing and particle counts in real time. It is also possible to monitor the “total collected mass” and “total exhaled air volume”. All the data from the sampling is stored in a format that easily enables direct control of the completed sampling and further processing and analysis.

PExA 2.0 provides access to potential biomarkers from the small airways through a simple breath test.

How the instrument works

Svante Höjer, Manager Engineering and Design, explains.


  • Dimensions LxWxH: 50x50x50 cm
  • Weight: 35 kg
  • Power 110/230 VAC

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Research & Development

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Suitable standard methods that can be used for analysis include ELISA, MS, LC and HPLC. As a service to those customers who...