Press Releases

Scientific review article summarizes PExA’s technology

This is a Google translated news text! In a recently published review article, University Hospital and University of Southampton researchers evaluate PExA’s technology by summarizing the results of a number of previously published studies based on samples from PExA and other comparable methods. In the article, the researchers describe, among other things, how acute and…

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Scientific article demonstrates that PExA can enable rapid diagnosis of the disease state PGD

This is a Google translated news text! An international research group describes in a recently published scientific article how PExA can enable non-invasive and rapid diagnostics as well as increased understanding of primary graft dysfunction (PGD), which is a common complication for lung transplant recipients. A scientific article in which PExA was used to study…

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PExA partnering in research project for increased understanding of the work environment within the 3D printing industry

(This information is translated by Google Translate) Recently, an interdisciplinary project called NanoSafety 2 has started in Örebro. The project is a collaboration between several companies in the 3D printing industry, Occupational and Environmental Medicine at the University Hospital in Örebro and Örebro University’s two research environments Human Technology Environment (MTM) and Inflammatory Response and…

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