Product & Services

PExA provides a research instrument for lung research centres within the health services, in academia and in pharmaceutical companies, all of whom are currently actively looking for biomarkers.

We provide a patented instrument, which simply put works by getting the patient to breathe into a mouthpiece, whereupon small particles in the exhaled air are captured and sorted by size after which the different size fractions can be analysed.

By collecting specific microscopic particles from the small airways, it is possible to study various diseases at an early stage and to find biomarkers for various lung diseases.

How PExA works

The method is like a blood sample for lungs, however it is not invasive. Lung diseases often start with pathological...


PExA 2.0

PExA 2.0 has been developed on the basis of the instrument developed at the Sahlgrenska Academy in nine specimens (PExA 1.0) and...


Research & Development

PExA’s strategy for research is to co-operate with leading international research groups and carry on the work performed...