Business Model

The company’s business model is based on generating income from initial sales as well as from repeat sales.

Initial sales are aimed at research groups and pharmaceutical companies worldwide who will be offered the further developed instrument PExA 2.0 either through purchase or rental.

Repeat sales involve several elements. Our customers will be given the opportunity to buy a service package with vital elements and other spare parts that are not routinely exchanged. In addition to the above, sample analysis will be offered as a service to customers who lack access to their own in-house analytical resources.

The method has already attracted plenty of interest, but in order to reach a wider market we need to achieve even greater recognition. Therefore, the first step is to get support for the method from leading researchers, which we have already started doing.

One of PExA’s future goals is to develop a new and unique diagnostic instrument for respiratory diseases that can be used routinely and which would improve the situation for many patients.

Board & Management

PExA's board and management include individuals with extensive experience and knowledge. Their task is to identify our targets and our strategy.


Business Concept and Vision

PExA’s business concept is to give lung researchers a new, unique and non-invasive method for the simple and reliable collection of potential...


About Us

PExA develops, manufactures and markets a research instrument to study respiratory diseases such as...