PExA's board and management include individuals with extensive experience and knowledge. Their task is to identify our targets and our strategy.

  • Claes Holmberg


    Claes Holmberg, born 1954, Master of Science degree in Engineering Physics and a PhD in theoretical physics. Holmberg has experience as VP of Nobel Pharma AB / Nobel Biocare AB and other companies and as CEO of Medi Team AB / Biolin AB and Biolight AB. Holmberg has also been the Chairman and a director of a number of medical device companies and in national interdisciplinary research programs. Holmberg has been involved in PExA’s business development since 2012, two years before incorporation.

  • Anna-Carin Olin

    Board member

    Anna Carin Olin, born 1960, is a researcher and inventor of PExA and is today the company’s research director. Olin has medical training and is a consultant and Professor of Occupational and Environmental medicine, directing research at the Sahlgrenska Academy’s Unit for Occupational and Environmental Medicine, AMM, at the University of Gothenburg. Olin has been involved in PExA’s business development since the 2000s.

  • Jan Pilebjer

    Board member

    Jan Pilebjer, born 1954, who basically holds an economics degree from Uppsala University, is Business Adviser and Business Intelligence Officer at GU Ventures AB. Pilebjer has worked in major worldwide companies and has founded and operated smaller start-up companies in both diagnostics and pharmaceuticals. Among Pilebjer’s international and industrial experiences are companies such as Baxter Healthcare Inc., Nycomed AS, KabiVitrum AB, Medirox AB, Biopool AB and Upjohn AB, where he held his base in countries such as Switzerland, the United States and Denmark.

  • Roy Jonebrant

    Board member

    Roy Jonebrant, born 1956, is a member of the board of PExA since 2018. Jonebrant is also CEO of GOKAP Invest AB and has many years of experience as CFO in a number of Swedish development companies, such as MediTeam AB, Biolin AB, Biolight AB and as Vice President / CFO in Pilum AB (publ). He also works as a financial consultant in his own company on behalf of a number of listed companies. Jonebrant has extensive experience from various board assignments in listed and unlisted companies.

  • Anders Waas

    Board alternate

    Anders Waas, born in 1957, is a board alternate of PExA since 2018. Waas has more than 25 years of experience in the pharmaceutical, biotechnology and medical technology industry, including global business development, commercialization and product development. Waas works with business development at GU Ventures AB.


  • Erik Ekbo


    Erik Ekbo, born 1973, CEO for PExA AB since 2015. Ekbo has over ten years of international experience in sales and business development in leading global medical technology companies. Ekbo comes from a position at Boston Scientific, where he was responsible for sales in asthma products for the Nordic countries and Benelux. Previous experience includes similar positions at Johnson & Johnson and Cochlear. Ekbo is an MSc graduate from the Gothenburg Business School and has a diploma from Harvard Business School.

  • Svante Höjer

    Manager Engineering and Design

    Svante Höjer, born 1961, has been project manager for PExA since 2011, responsible for technological development and is also responsible for the legal protection of the company’s intellectual and intangible assets. Höjer previously worked as technical manager at PExA. Höjer has a degree in engineering physics and a PhD in Physics / photonics.

  • Jörgen Östling

    Manager, Research and Biochemical Analysis

    Jörgen Östling, born 1962, joined PExA AB in 2018. Östling holds a PhD in microbiology and has extensive experience from proteomics and bioinformatics. He has worked more than 20 years within the pharma industry, whereof the last six years focusing on the identification of bio­markers for Precision Medicine in airway diseases like Asthma and COPD. Most recent, Jörgen was an employee at AstraZeneca, where he has been involved in the development of methods for biochemical analyses of PEx-samples.

Business Model

The company’s business model is based on generating income from initial sales as well as from repeat sales.



The research that resulted in PExA began in 2004 and was conducted by Anna-Carin Olin, Professor in the Department of Occupational and Environmental Medicine...


Business Concept and Vision

PExA’s business concept is to give lung researchers a new, unique and non-invasive method for the simple and reliable collection of potential...