Stort intresse för metoden som mäter partiklar i utandningsluften

The First Conference on PExA and small airway disease was held on 22-23 January at Medicinarberget in Gothenburg, Sweden. The research group of biomarkers and airway inflammation led by Professor Anna-Carin Olin organized the conference, partly funded by the Heart and Lung Foundation.
An international audience of close to a hundred people from academia and industry attended this highly successful event.
PExA is a new non-invasive method that enables sampling of particles (or droplets) that arise when small airways close and re-open, and the composition of the sample acquired reflects the Respiratory Tract Lining Fluid (RTLF) from small airways.

During the conference, the participants learnt a lot about the method and its promises, as well as about small airway pathology. Present knowledge and results from the PExA studies done to date was summarized and the results discussed.